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We have put together a collection of links that we feel will be useful and interesting to Our Families members, and other Family History researchers. Many are sites we personally refer to regularly. Their quality varies as you would expect from any wide-ranging selection and we offer no guarantees for their content.

The Links are tested as often as we reasonably can - but sites do change their address or disappear. If you find a broken link, please let us know by clicking on the technical support link at the bottom of the page.

Site Description
GenMerge Great piece of software that helps merge two or more gedcom files together. Also very valuable in identifying problems with gedcom files.
GedCom Utilities A great souce for small, free utility software. We particularly recommend: GEDPLACE.EXE - Allows editing of places in a GEDCOM file; GEDSPLIT.EXE - Programme to split any GEDCOM file in useful ways; and ADDSOUR.EXE - Adds a user specified source to your GEDCOM file entries. Great if copying someone else's file into yours, or vice versa.
webtrees The home of the software we use for this entire web site
StuNicholls CSS Menus The menu system we use on these pages is adapted from one of the many designs by Stu Nicholls. His range of CSS based menus are beautifully designed, easy to use, and Stu provides great support through his forum.
FamFamFam Icons We don't use many icons on this site, but where possible we are using the beautiful, tiny, "Silk" icons developed by Mark James. Available free from his website.