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Our families include the Osborne, Waghorn, Shearman, Firth and a great many other related families, primarily originating in Kent, Surrey, and Yorkshire, England.

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Average age in century of marriage

Most common surnames

Attwood (138), Austen (77), Baker (59), Barton (67), Barty (105), Batt (173), Bromley (71), Brown (84), Buss, Oughton (105), Chasmar, Chasmer (61), Chasmer, Chasmar (76), Collins (76), Coulson (47), Drury (340), Firth (68), Fowler (47), Harrison (53), Howard (76), Humphrey (284), Jackson (160), Jameson (60), Johnson (71), Knight (60), Ledger (243), Marshall (75), Morfett (101), Osborne (214), Pearson (70), Possee (55), Rabbitt (234), Roots (57), Russell (63), Saunders, Sanders (53), Smith (181), Smitherman (172), Stapley (56), Taylor (88), Tyler (96), Waghorn (410), Wakeford (52), Waters (73), Webb (57), Weeks (88), Weston (44), Wood (78)

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Average age related to death century

Recent changes

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Recently changed records

  Record Last change by DATE SORTNAME
Frederick Walter "Fred" Rabbitt     0 Rabbitt,Frederick Walter
Ellen Francis Grace Knight     0 Knight,Ellen Francis Grace
Richard Larkin     0 Larkin,Richard
Richard Larkin + Ellen Francis Grace Knight     0 Larkin,Richard + Knight,Ellen Francis Grace
Alfred John Osborne     0 Osborne,Alfred John
Violet May Osborne     0 Osborne,Violet May
Ellen May Osborne     0 Osborne,Ellen May
Daisy Ruby Laura Osborne     0 Osborne,Daisy Ruby Laura
Mignonette Osborne     0 Osborne,Mignonette
Daniel Osborne     0 Osborne,Daniel
John Osborne     0 Osborne,John
Abigail Smith     0 Smith,Abigail
John Osborne     0 Osborne,John
John Osborne + Abigail Smith     0 Osborne,John + Smith,Abigail
Daniel Osborne + Frances Osborne     0 Osborne,Daniel + Osborne,Frances
Rose Lilian Skinner     0 Skinner,Rose Lilian
Beatrice Lilian Rabbitt     0 Rabbitt,Beatrice Lilian
Henry William Thomas Rabbitt     0 Rabbitt,Henry William Thomas

Average number of children per family

Average number of children per family

Most common given names


William (860), John (751), Thomas (518), James (506), George (500), Charles (331), Henry (314), Edward (276), Richard (195), Frederick (175)


Mary (718), Elizabeth (580), Ann (564), Sarah (388), Jane (312), Alice (165), Eliza (154), Emily (138), Frances (129), Ellen (128)