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Average age in century of marriage

The most common surnames in this tree are:

Attwood (109), Austen (61), Baker (42), Barty (84), Batt (122), Bromley (48), Brown (69), Buss (72), Chasmer, Chasmar (51), Chasmar, Chasmer (67), Collins (59), Drury (272), Firth (53), Fowler (43), Harrison (47), Howard (60), Humphrey (139), Jackson (135), Johnson (58), Knight (44), Ledger (184), Marshall (56), Morfett (71), Osborne (116), Possee (44), Rabbitt (183), Roots (49), Russell (52), Smith (135), Smitherman (136), Stapley (42), Taylor (73), Tyler (61), Waghorn (240), Wakeford (42), Waters (59), Webb (46), Weeks (81), Weston (44), Wood (51)

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Average age related to death century

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Alfred Roffe  0Roffe,Alfred
William Tester  0Tester,William
Mary Ann Tester  0Tester,Mary Ann
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William Roffe  0Roffe,William
William Roffe + Frances Tester  0Roffe,William + Tester,Frances
Private + Frances Tester  0,Private + Tester,Frances
Alice Tester  0Tester,Alice
Maude Louisa Shoebridge  0Shoebridge,Maude Louisa
Gertrude Laura Tester  0Tester,Gertrude Laura
Rosina Elizabeth Tester  0Tester,Rosina Elizabeth
Edith Lily Shoebridge  0Shoebridge,Edith Lily
Edward Shoebridge + Mary Ann Tester  0Shoebridge,Edward + Tester,Mary Ann
Private + Mary Ann Tester  0,Private + Tester,Mary Ann
William Bentley Tester  0Tester,William Bentley
William Bentley  0Bentley,William
William Bentley + Mary Ann Tester  0Bentley,William + Tester,Mary Ann
Cyril John Woolley  0Woolley,Cyril John
Edward Shoebridge  0Shoebridge,Edward
Benjamin Clarence Woolley  0Woolley,Benjamin Clarence

Average number of children per family

Average number of children per family

Most common given names


William (721), John (645), George (445), James (427), Thomas (421), Charles (289), Henry (259), Edward (226), Richard (171), Frederick (146)


Mary (605), Elizabeth (503), Ann (462), Sarah (336), Jane (259), Alice (142), Eliza (128), Emily (122), Frances (115), Ellen (108)

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